Our Robots

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Our Robots

The Journey so far...


Our first robot was the DM01. It was specially designed to overcome the "Ultimate Goal" challenge. It featured four mecanum wheels that were capable of moving in all directions. Sitting on top of our robot was a shooter that was able to accurately fire rings into the various goals. Along with all this, it possessed an extrusion bar at the front that served the purpose of transporting the Wobble Goal. In its second competition, it received the Judges’ Award for being an outstanding rookie robot.


Our second robot was the DM02, built for the “Freight Frenzy" challenge. It had a unique contraption that was used to pick up and drop off freight items. This contraption possessed two 3D-printed bowls that opened and closed when necessary. In addition to this, it contained another pair of wheels at its midsection to increase its ability to power over the barriers. There was a mechanism added to the front of the robot as well, in order to help us spin the carousel wheel. This wheel contained game elements that helped us score more points.