Reaching Out to Us

We are a first-year robotics team called "The Dream Machines," from Fremont, California. There are 9 of us, ranging from ages 11 to 13, who are all inspired by the endless possibilities of using robots for exploration, medicine, manufacturing, and other applications to benefit humanity. Most members of our team are new to programming and robotics, but we have the privilege of being mentored by a couple of FTC veterans. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are motivated to build a unique and distinctive robot for Dean Kamen's FIRST technology competition this winter. We are actively looking for sponsorships to acquire funds for parts like motors, sensors, software, and other components. If you know someone that would like to sponsor our team, please contact us at Your support would be incredibly appreciated. If you decide to donate, we will put your company logo on our machines, shirts, and website if you like.

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